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About Sozo Firm: The Web Marketing Efficiency Consultantsâ„¢

Founded in 2004 & led by SEO expert Andrew Jensen, Sozo Firm Inc provides search engine optimization & other internet marketing strategic services to companies & non-profit organizations worldwide. From competitor analysis to innovative web based marketing strategies, Sozo Firm has provided consultant & research services to a Forbes top 5 company, Fortune 500 companies, businesses managed by former AOL & Yahoo executives, a leading international health care company, government contractors, web design companies & ad agencies (for their clients), manufacturing companies, venture funded startups, 100+ nonprofits, and more.

Sozo Firm Satisfaction Guaranteed

Whether you need in house SEO & web marketing instruction or some professional advice regarding how to kick launch your latest product, Sozo Firm has both the experience & the creativity to be your partner. In fact, creativity always comes first at Sozo Firm: Sozo is Japanese for creative and Greek for liberated. At Sozo Firm, we encourage our staff to think, believing that the end results of our creative energy are what will ultimately contribute toward strengthening your organization's web presence and draw more targeted web traffic your way.

Mission Statement

Our mission demonstrates our commitment to integrity, excellence and your organization's success:

Sozo Firm is committed to standards of excellence and innovation. With God and integrity as our foundation, we serve others through investing into their long term success while developing enduring relationships.

The Basics about Sozo Firm

1. We never work with two companies which are competing in the same exact marketplace & region.
2. We will gladly sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) before creating a bid.
3. We offer full anonymity if desired.
4. Our staff can have full background checks performed if required. Security clearances can also be obtained.
5. All contracts operate under Pennsylvania state law. If you desire your contract to operate under a different state law, please contact us & we will make a determination.
6. Due to the volume of requests for proposals (RFPs) we receive, we are very selective in the projects we bid on. In the event that we are unable to consider a project, we may be able to refer you to other recommended SEO/web marketing firms.
7. We do not provide SEO, web marketing or research for adult oriented sites, questionable child modeling sites, spam websites, or those promoting hate, abuse or trademark/copyright violations. We reserve the right to decline business or web marketing projects which we believe would not be a good match for our services.

Request a custom quote, view our fee schedule, or contact us for more information.

Some Brief Background

Sozo Firm, Inc., originally began in February 2004 as the personal consulting business of Andrew Jensen, a self trained SEO & web marketing consultant. From an emphasis on serving non profit organizations, Sozo Firm (originally called Sozo Creative) expanded due to demand to serve commercial clients. In February 2008 Sozo Firm incorporated, continuing as a family owned private company dedicated to offering personal service with class. In October 2009, Sozo Firm rebranded as the Web Marketing Efficiency Expertsâ„¢, committed to helping organizations analyze, evaluate & streamline their online marketing.

Today, under the leadership of Andrew Jensen, the Sozo Firm consultant team serves corporations, small businesses, and nonprofits all across the United States. Sozo Firm, Inc. also works closely with several agencies, web design companies and independent consultants to provide a broad range of premium web solutions & marketing services to their clients. Sozo Firm is conveniently located just north of Baltimore and offers on site consultant services to York, Harrisburg, & Baltimore as well as to Philadelphia, Annapolis & Washington, D.C. On site consultant services may be available at other locations upon request.

Sozo Firm, Inc. is a member of the York County Chamber of Commerce.

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