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Pauline Connelly Web Design + e-Marketing
Pittsburgh, PA 15228


Imagine the impact of a 950% increase in web traffic on your sales.

This is the success realized by one of our clients, Walls, Floors, and More, of Pittsburgh. WFM is a South Hills home improvement products store that is challenged daily with tough competition from the national chains with their big box stores and their big advertising and marketing budgets.

When WFM hired us to redesign their web site, we delivered not only a professional web site. but also a dramatic increase in web visits. WFM now receives more hits in 3 days than they used to get in an entire month. The telephones haven't stopped ringing, and the store is crowded with customers. It's no surprise that WFM's last quarter was their best ever.

You want an impressive-looking web site, but a beautiful web site doesn't do you any good if no one can find it. Your site also needs to be packed with the clues the search engines can read, so they'll understand the intent of your page, and serve it up to the very people who are looking for your product or service.

Could your site be working harder for you? We'll check it out and let you know. We provide you with a free initial consultation during which we install software which tracks your site's statistics to determine how well your current web site is performing. After 4 weeks of analysis, we present our recommendations for improving your results.

Should you implement our recommendations, we guarantee significant improvement in web traffic and sales leads within 6 months. If we don’t deliver as promised, our Internet marketing services are free. It's that simple. If we don’t help you, you get your money back.

Can you really afford to ignore the potential customers looking for you? Every day you delay is a day they'll find some other solution instead of yours. Call us now at 412-563-0976, or email me at for your free, no obligation web marketing consultation.
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